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  • CleverCrypt Lite (Freeware)  201)   CleverCrypt Lite (Freeware) 1.5
    Create a password protected, fully encrypted hard drive to store all of your private files in. Just copy your files into your CleverCrypt drive for total protection. Free!

  • WinForcer  202)   WinForcer 3
    Prevent unauthorised users from running any Windows application you specify. Block the desktop, Start button, Control Panel, Hide Drives or block individual folders. Fully user configurable and is suspended by simply entering a password.

  • SuperEncryptor  203)   SuperEncryptor
    SuperEncryptor is a powerful professional encryption tool with a nice and friendly interface. Tt provides the safest way to store your information or sensitive data and protect them against malicious or unintended intrusions.

  • swc encrypt  204)   swc encrypt 1
    SWC Encrypt encrypts your Flash .SWC files, protecting them from the most popular Flash Decompiler Tools on the market! Secure your ActionScript in the Flash component and prevent SWF Reverse Engineering and Decompiling.

  • Cryptosystem ME6  205)   Cryptosystem ME6 7.62
    Windows software for encryption and decryption of single files or multiple files in a single operation for secure storage or secure transmission. It uses a 500-bit key for security, and has features designed to minimize the chances of user error.

  • Cryptex - 60 GB Vault  206)   Cryptex - 60 GB Vault 2
    Cryptex gives you laptop and information security by providing you with the ability to work directly out of an encrypted vault.

  • Web Cache Illuminator  207)   Web Cache Illuminator 4.8.2
    Whether you're a computer forensic professional or you just want to investigate what web sites someone has been visiting, the Web Cache Illuminator makes the task much easier. Just point and click to the web cache folder ...

  • Silver Key  209)   Silver Key 3.83
    Silver Key was designed and optimized for sending data over the Internet. It produces self-decrypting parcels that can be sent safely. No matter if you are a computer professional, or new to computers, you will feel comfortable with Silver Key.

  • abylon ENTERPRISE  210)   abylon ENTERPRISE 7.0
    The protection of the computer and stored files against undesirable access is more and more important. This Security-Suite offers innovative and professional security and encryption modules for private and business use.

  • Alparysoft VideoLock for Webcam  211)   Alparysoft VideoLock for Webcam 1.0
    New image recognition security system for your computer. Alparysoft VideoLock for Webcam is a new surveillance security system based on the webcam aided facial image identification technology adapted for PC use.

  • Advanced Email Monitoring  212)   Advanced Email Monitoring 3.8
    If you have concerns about the email activities of a child or spouse or want to monitor an employee's use of company or personal emails during business hours, program automatically sends you a copy of all SMTP-based emails that was sent.

  • CryptDecrypt  213)   CryptDecrypt 1.17
    CryptDecrypt is an electronic data protection software. It encrypts your files and folder contents with a password that you select. Strong encryption ensures that your information will not be stolen by hackers or viewed by anyone else but you.

  • File Execution Lock  215)   File Execution Lock 1.0
    This shareware allows you to encrypt/lock, decrypt/unlock files and folders, based on your needs.

  • CHAOS Shredder  216)   CHAOS Shredder 2.4
    CHAOS Shredder will completely erase files from your disk, without the possibility to recover it by any practical software or hardware methods.

  • ViPNet Safe Disk for Pocket PC  217)   ViPNet Safe Disk for Pocket PC 1.2
    ViPNet Safe Disk for Pocket PC provides your PDA with a totally encrypted and password-protected environment for your files. In case your PDA is stolen or lost, no one will be able to compromise your personal information or corporate secrets.

  • LockBox  219)   LockBox 2.11
    LockBox acts similar to a windows folder, except it is opened with a password. Any files dragged into the LockBox are protected with a strong encryption algorithm. Files can be used from directly within the LockBox, without compromising security.

  • Amelix FCP  221)   Amelix FCP 1.1
    Amelix FCP allows for the power encryption and decryption of all your personal files. Encrypt and decrypt files of any type. This is symmetric-key cryptography program.

  • BCArchive  222)   BCArchive 1.06
    With BCArchive software you may encrypt and compress a group of files/folders to an encrypted archive (i.e. single file). You may store all you confidential files in such archive and/or e-mail it to your friend.

  • Auscomp Fort Knox  223)   Auscomp Fort Knox 4.0.13
    Total Security & Convenience With Auscomp Fort Knox, you can securely encrypt & store anything ... with state-of-the-art 448 bit confidence! Protect all your PINs, passwords, accounts, documents, images, programs, spreadsheets etc.

  • Atomic VBA Password Recovery  224)   Atomic VBA Password Recovery 2.20
    It will instantly remove or recover a VBA password to Microsoft Office 95-3003 documents (.xls, .doc, .mdb). It requires neither special knowledge nor additional learning. Just open your password-protected file and you will get your password at once.

  • Harden-It  225)   Harden-It 1.2
    Harden-It 1.1 Windows Security Hardening Tool, harden your TCP/IP Stack and Local System. Harden-It is a Network hardening tool for Windows, by hardening the I stack your Network can sustain or completely twarth various sophisticated network attacks.

  • Program Lock Pro  226)   Program Lock Pro 2.11
    Lock and unlock any program on your pc, including the control panel, IE, Outlook, AOL, AIM, and more.

  • Activity Keylogger  227)   Activity Keylogger 1.60
    Activity KeyLogger records all keystrokes typed, chat conversations, screen, websites visited and more.

  • TermiNET  228)   TermiNET 2.0
    TermiNET program is an ideal security solution for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and home users who wish to connect to the Internet securely but do not have the resources to support a large security infrastructure.

  • X-Lizard Password Manager  229)   X-Lizard Password Manager 1.5
    X-Lizard is a compact, reliable management application, specifically designed to store your confidential data, such as usernames, passwords, pin codes, etc. AES encryption, support of backup files, Unicode support, built-in password generator.

  • Password Security Vault  230)   Password Security Vault 2.0
    Keep track of all your internet passwords and login names in a password protected MS-Access database file. All MS-Access® capabilities built into the software.

  • Absolute CHAOS  231)   Absolute CHAOS 3.8
    Encrypt text files, programs and entire folders giving additional security to your information.

  • ClubControl  232)   ClubControl 3.3
    Internet cafe management / administration / billing system.

  • ZoneAlarm Pro  233)   ZoneAlarm Pro 4.5.538
    ZoneAlarm includes five interlocking security services that deliver easy-to-use, comprehensive protection.

  • SecureFile  234)   SecureFile 2.0
    SecureFile is an encryption and compression program that allows you to encrypt and decrypt files password and digital certificate. It creates a self-decryption archive which can be decrypted at the other end without any dependencies.

  • CryptoExpert 2008 Professional  235)   CryptoExpert 2008 Professional 8.30
    CryptoExpert 8 creates secure vaults that appears to applications like any other local drive. Any data that the user attempts to write to this drive is intercepted and encrypted by CryptoExpert. Drive is invisible without password.

  • My Passwords  236)   My Passwords
    My Passwords is a secure, central repository for managing personal info for Internet sites, software licenses, and credit cards just to name a few uses. It stores category,service name, user names (IDs), passwords, hints, code words, URLs, comments

  • Hide Master  237)   Hide Master 1.82
    Hide Master is powerful but easy to use tool for hiding windows and programs. Hide Master allows you to hide (and unhide) specified windows and groups of windows by pressing a combination of Hotkeys.

  • CryptoSystem Personal  238)   CryptoSystem Personal 1.1
    CryptoSystem Personal is the tool to help you protect your data from unauthorized viewing. It combines easy-to-use interface and seamless Windows integration with the power of Advanced Encryption Standard.

  • Okoker Encrypt Folder  239)   Okoker Encrypt Folder 1.5
    Encrpyt and protect your folders using passwords easily and quickly.The encrpyted folder can't be renamed, modified, deleted, copied, moved, accessed by anonym.

  • dbQwikMySSH  240)   dbQwikMySSH
    Secure MySQL data transmissions to your PC. Connect to MySQL servers that block remote connections. This program is a fantastically simple way to connect to MySQL using SSH encrypted tunnels. It has a built in SSH client and connection manager.

  • Deskbolt  241)   Deskbolt 1.1
    Deskbolt is a highly customizable desktop locking program. With it you can deny access to your computer with a password, or limit access to certain users.

  • SignStation  242)   SignStation 2.00
    SignStation is an innovative application that lets you apply a digital signature , verify the digital signature on a signed file, encrypt and decrypt files and manage certificates, among other functionalities like email, hash, and file management.

  • Code-VB6  243)   Code-VB6 Deluxe
    With Code-VB coding tools added to your Visual Basic development environment (VBE) you create better Visual Basic code faster. A set of 17 specialized code builders supports the fast creation of most used code

  • System Care Center  244)   System Care Center 5.0
    All of the necessary tools for maintenance your computer are not included with the operating system. System Care Center is a set of all of the necessary tools to keep your system running smooth, fast, error free and to maintain your personal privacy.

  • Icon Lock-iT XP  245)   Icon Lock-iT XP 3.3
    Icon Lock-iT XP, portable file encryption, locking, and security for Windows XP, 2000, NT Desktop files. Portable data storage security for iPod and flash drives. Secure, safe password protection. Self-decryptor for increased portability & security

  • Minos Lock  246)   Minos Lock 1.6.7
    Minos Lock is a highly performed files security software that can hide or encrypt any number of files, folders and documents in seconds. Folders and files are protected with a password when you login the ABC Lock program .

  • CryptoExpert 2006 Lite  248)   CryptoExpert 2006 Lite 7.6.0
    CryptoExpert mounts a volume file to create a "virtual drive" that appears to applications and users like any other physical drive. Any data that the user attempts to write to this drive is intercepted by CryptoExpert, encrypted, and written to file.

  • Free Drive Encryptor  249)   Free Drive Encryptor 1.5
    Create a password protected, fully encrypted hard drive to store all of your private files and folders in. Just copy your files into your secure drive for total protection. Free.

  • AB Password Generator  250)   AB Password Generator 2.33
    Generates one password or a list up to 999999 passwords with length between 1 and 999 characters. The list will be saved in *.txt file at your choice. The password(s) can contain letters and/or numbers and/or symbols and/or your specific text.

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